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Each participant shoots from a standing offhand position at small steel knock-down targets of 10 chickens (at 40 meters); 10 pigs at 50, 10 turkeys at 75, and 10 rams at 100. One shot is allowed per target, and the total match requires 40 rounds. Practice is allowed before the match starts. The course of fire is two minutes long, following a 30-second load period, to fire one shot each at five targets. Firing must be done in sequence, starting at the left hand target of each bank of five animals. Targets shot out of sequence count as misses (if you shoot at the second animal instead of the first, it counts as two misses). This is repeated for each animal type, as there are two sets of five animals of each type. After all 10 targets of each type have been fired at, the competitor moves to the next animal type.

There are six different categories of firearms used for NRA-approved matches:

Smallbore Cowboy Rifle  .22 Long Rifle cartridge only, and rifle must have metallic sights and a tubular magazine – lever action or pump but must not be semi-automatic.

Pistol Cartridge Cowboy Rifle  sample cartridges include .38/.357, .45 Colt, .44 Magnum, .22 Magnum.

Hunter’s Pistol (scoped)  sample cartridges include .22 Hornet, .25-20, .38/.357, .32-30, .44 Magnum.

Smallbore Hunter’s Pistol (open sights)  .22 Long Rifle only.

Smallbore Hunter’s Pistol (scoped)  .22 Long Rifle only.

Hunter’s Pistol (open sights)  same cartridges as Hunter’s Pistol scoped.  

Bullet velocities for centerfire arms should not exceed 1,000 feet per second muzzle velocity, to prevent target damage. Practice targets are available for checking loads.

Cost per shooter for the NRA-approved match is $9.00 for the first match, $5.00 for the second, and $5.00 for first-time shooters, and each NRA competitor should have a copy of the National Rifle Association Score Book, available for $13.00, which is good for a year.


Competing in these local matches will qualify shooters to compete in the Idaho State Silhouette Match, usually held in early July.

Sign-upstarts at 9:00 AM, shooting starts before 10:00 AM following practice, and the match (usually two are shot) lasts until about Noon.

These matches occupy the 18-bench side of the range.

Match Director: Pat Lightfield (208)305-5621.

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