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Range Rules

Call 208-843-2987 with any questions about the range or rules.


  1. Muzzle:  Always point the muzzle in a safe direction, either down range or muzzle up.

  2. Action:  Keep all firearms unloaded and actions open until on the firing line and ready to fire. No rounds in the chamber until ready to fire. Firearms may only be loaded on the firing line.

  3. Trigger:  At all times, keep your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until ready to fire.

  4. When arriving or departing range properly, all firearms must be unloaded and either cased or actions open. Range Officers will ask to check all firearms including concealed carry arms, to ensure they are unloaded at check-in. Safety comes first at all times! 

  5. None of the following are allowed: 1) Fully automatic firearms or devices that simulate full auto fire. 2) 50 BMG guns or derivatives. 3) Incendiary, tracer or armor piercing ammunition. 

  6. Anyone willfully damaging fixtures or range property may be subject to dismissal from the range. The LCWC reserves the right to seek compensation. 

  7. Pets or unsupervised children are not allowed on range property.

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