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Range Rules

Call 208-843-2987 with any questions about the range or rules.



Muzzle:  Always point the muzzle in a safe direction, either down range or muzzle up.

Action:  Keep all firearms unloaded and actions open until on the firing line and ready to fire. No rounds in the chamber until ready to fire. Firearms may only be loaded on the firing line.

Trigger:  At all times, keep your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until ready to fire.

  1. Prior to arriving or departing range property, all firearms must be unloaded, either cased or with actions open. Range Officers will ask to inspect all firearms including concealed carry arms at check-in.

  2. None of the following are allowed: 1) Fully automatic firearms or devices that simulate full auto fire.       2) 50 BMG guns or derivatives.  3) Incendiary, tracer or armor piercing ammunition.  4) Binary or exploding type targets.

  3. No alcohol or illicit drugs are allowed on the range. Anyone appearing to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed on the firing range.

  4. All patrons will print and sign their name on the Range Log Sheet, indicating a release of liability. Youth under 18 years of age may use the facilities only under direct supervision of a parent or legal guardian.

  5. Eye and ear protection are highly recommended for everyone on the firing line.

  6. Know how your firearm operates. Be sure your firearm and ammunition are compatible. If your firearm jams or misfires, keep the muzzle pointed down range and notify the RO.

  7. Only one (1) firearm and its appropriate ammunition are allowed on a shooting bench at a time, except during scheduled supervised matches.

  8. Equipment may be set up or removed from the firing line only when the range is hot. Do not handle firearms during a cease fire.

  9. When a “CEASE FIRE” command is given, shooters will immediately cease fire, unload, open actions, lay their firearm on the bench, and step behind the red safety line.

  10. Only shoot at authorized targets placed directly in your firing lane. Human picture targets are not allowed. Do not intentionally shoot at target numbers, target frames, or rocks on the range.

  11. The Range Officer has authority to restrict a shooter if the RO observes unsafe behavior.

  12. Shooters may retrieve brass in front of the firing line barricade wall only during a cease fire.

  13. Shooters may set-up a chronograph forward of the firing line barricade wall only during a cease fire, with permission and assistance of the RO.

  14. Pistol shooters must get permission from the RO to practice drawing and shooting from a holster.

  15. Smokeless powder reloading is allowed only behind the red safety line. No smokeless powder reloading is allowed at shooting benches or the firing line except during scheduled competition shoots.

  16. Black powder loading directly from powder horns, flasks, or any bulk container is not allowed. An intermediate powder measure must be used.

  17. A muzzleloader will be considered unloaded when there is no powder in the barrel and no cap on the nipple, powder in the flash pan or battery in an igniter.

  18. Before going beyond the 100yd berm, move the orange safety flag so it's visible to the Rangemaster from the RO station. Upon return, the safety flag is placed back out of sight near the sliding door.

  19. Shooters are expected to retrieve their target stands before leaving the range.

  20. Smoking is allowed anywhere outside. Smoking is not permitted in the building or on the firing lines.

  21. No littering. Place trash in designated cans. Pick up spent casings.

  22. Pets or unsupervised children are not allowed on range property.

  23. Anyone willfully damaging fixtures or range property may be subject to removal from the range. The LCWC reserves the right to seek compensation.

  24. Refusal to leave the Range property at direction of the RO will be considered trespassing and law enforcement will be contacted.

  25. The RO on duty has authority to enforce these rules and regulations


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